Litz wire

Litz wire

Litz cables are used principally for: energy conversion, high frequency emission and reception, potency electronics, inductive proximity detector s, electronic tags, multiple telephonic transmission equipment, flexible junctions for relays, coils, transformers, motors, etc.

Litz cables can be made in different ways, according to the designer. Casa Masfarné, S.A. manufacture them round, with wires assembled in the same direction, with a cabling step of less than 60mm.

To special order, we can satisfy our client's needs by forming square or rectangular rope shapes for a better coiling volume. In the manufacture of Litz cables we use products that allow direct welding, without the need of any mechanical procedure.

Before welding, the cable has to be submerged in a rust-removing agent and after in a bath of tin (60%) and lead (40%) at a temperature between 375°C and 400°C. The immersion time will depend on the wire's number and its diameter.

Litz wire is made on request, and cables containing from 1 to over 4,000 wires with diameters from 0.04mm to 1.12mm have previously been made (larger-diameter wire can also be used), with polyester, Nomex, Kapton coatings, etc., as well as being available without any type of coating.

Any type of round cable can be made using enamel wire, with sections from 0.10mm2 to 1,200mm2 and flat braids with maximum sections of 500mm2.

We can also make PRESS-LITZ, on request.

For technical details, we recommend downloading the catalogue